We Are Songtaba


Our vision is to see a society free from inequality and injustice in which women and other vulnerable groups enjoy their fundamental rights.


Our Mission


The mission of the organization is to work with Gender minded human rights organizations and individuals to advocate for gender equality in the region.



For over 10 years, Songtaba has been empowering and supporting the women and children of the Northern Region of Ghana. In response to staggering illiteracy, poverty, and education statistics that place the Northern Region considerably behind the rest of the country, Songtaba works to bridge the gap, working to increase the status of the Northern Region as a whole by promoting the status and rights of women. 

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Take Action

Whether you are able to help another or in need of help yourself, now is the time to take action! Songtaba is built in the same community that it serves, but with helpers all over the world. You can make a difference in the equality we strive for in the Northern Region of Ghana.

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