We’ve organized the women of the five remaining witch camps into a collective, empowered group able to advocate for their own rights. We’ve also enrolled them in national health insurance, enrolled them in the LEAP program to provide small monthly income, and lead livelihood training projects to help empower the women morally and economically. However, we understand that these are all band-aid solutions. The real solution is for the women accused of witchcraft to come home.

That’s why we’ve developed the reintegration project. Thanks in large part to individual donors who have supported our projects on GlobalGiving, we have succeeded in raising over $12,000 dollars to fund the complete, safe reintegration of twenty women from the Kukuo camp for alleged witches. We begin by meeting with the women, their families, and community leaders, ensuring that all parties involved are invested in the safe return of the woman accused. Then we ensure she has a safe, suitable home to return to. If none is available, we provide her family with the necessary materials (including concrete, tin, and wood) to construct a safe, suitable home for the reintegrated woman. Finally, we help her pay for and complete the necessary purification and exit ceremonies from the camp and provide her with a small sum of money to assist in establishing a source of income in her new community. In just three months, we have already cleared five to return home and they will be transported very soon. We’ve also made good progress with three others and have high hopes for the remaining twelve!