Employment and Income Level Elevation Through Poultry Production Technology (POPTECH)

After ten years working with disadvantaged women and children, we are all too aware of the cycle of poverty. Chronic poverty tends to pass from one generation to the next unless young people are given the tools and the opportunities they need to earn a living wage. Work isn’t just critical to survival, it’s critical to who we are as people, our family, and our community. EMpower looks toward a future in which young people can readily access the training and opportunities they need to find or create decent work. With this grant, we seek to bridge the gaps that currently exist, to help young people develop a range of abilities including literacy and numeracy, and technical, entrepreneurial, practical, social, and managerial skills.

Since July 2015, we have used the EMpower grant to implement a one-year pilot project in poultry production and management to help reduce poverty levels among youth and provide income-generating opportunities. After the success of our poultry program, we have begun a bee keeping livelihood program that will support 20 youth from Nanumba North and South districts to learn bee keeping and commercialize it into a business venture.