Complementary Basic Education

With support from the government, we have been working in partnership with ActionAid Ghana on providing Complimentary Basic Education to reach children of school age who are not currently enrolled in school. The first cycle of this project targeted 800 children in 18 communities in the Nanumba North District. We were able to provide these 800 children with a standard nine-month functional literacy education and enrol them in the formal school system the next academic year. We’ve also trained community facilitators to train and handle these classes, providing employment opportunities and community empowerment.

The second cycle includes 41 communities and over 2000 students! So far, 722 students from the first cycle and 1912 from the second have been graduated and enrolled in the formal school system. An additional 2184 are currently undergoing assessment to be graduated in August.
Within our staff, we have recruited and trained five project officers as supervisors for the CBE project to conduct daily classroom visits and ensure the facilitators are present and properly handling their classes. Our daily monitoring has ensured greater program successes.